Ocean Wave Machine Sound Ambience App Reviews

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Absolute CRAP

Just ads for video games and diapers. Could not be worse. Look elsewhere 💀💀

Sounds are great - Ads not so much

The ocean sounds available are amazingly relaxing and were just what I was looking for. The fact that video ads pop up every minute or so WITH SOUND that interrupts my trying to relax by asking me to buy diapers or whatever is almost intolerable. Especially if you're trying to fall asleep with it.

Control method horrible

I don't like having to shake to get a random set of waves. There needs to be a menu and a timer. The sounds are a bit similar but it's not like you can just go back to the one you like. You have to keep shaking the phone and hope it comes back.


Pretty good, but having to shake it and not being able to turn your phone off when listening is terrible. Get another app

Doesnt work

No sound on iPhone 4


It's all the same sound

very bad

dont waste your time or money on this shih app

Sounds and sleep timer.

The sounds were bad. And having to shake? Doesn't make sense.

The music sounds

More like static than peaceful ocean sounds. They should improve the sounds & put a sleep timer & other options than having to shake the device to switch the sounds.

Good sound - stupid control method

Once I put the iPhone into the radio alarm clock dock, how am I supposed to shake it?

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